Training FAQ

OK!  So you've got your piece of paper that says you're qualified to wax, but there's one problem - you still can't wax.  Maybe you just want to perfect your skills, or maybe you're just plain scared. Don't worry! It's a close-up, and hands-on class that focuses on the practical side of waxing.  Once I've shown you how to wax each body part using my own techniques, I'll closely watch you do the same, giving pointers, praise and lots of encouragement.   I'll teach you all my tips and tricks and you'll leave feeling confident and skilled to wax any body part.   If you're booking to attend an Intimate Waxing class, it's definitely not for the squeamish so if you can't look at or touch naked bits, don't enrol!

Make no mistake, I will make you work hard and I'm strict but fair and that's because I want you to be one of the best waxing professionals around. I guarantee that you'll learn more at my classes than you ever did at college.  AND THAT'S A FACT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to provide a model on the day of my course?
On all of the female courses, students wax each other, so you don't need to bring a model unless you've has permanent hair removal or you have a medical condition that prevents you from being waxed. If you're doing the mens course I do provide models but you're welcome to bring your own if you prefer but please let us know when you book.

I can't be waxed, so what shall I do?
If your hair has been lasered or you have a medical condition that prevents you from being waxed, don't worry! You just need to bring a friend/model along on the day but you must inform us when booking so we can tell you what time they need to arrive. They'll only be needed for an hour.

Can my model stay in the training room for the whole day?
I'm afraid not! Space is limited and it also isn't fair on students that have paid for the training. Models will only be in the room for the time that they are being waxed.

Is the course an automatic PASS?
No, it isn't. Unlike many other courses that have your pass certificate waiting for you when you arrive, I take what I do very seriously and I really want you to get your money's worth. I keep my standards high but I do make allowances for nerves. I don't expect you to be an expert on the wouldn't be coming for training if you were. However, I need to see that you have a good grasp of my technique and most importantly, that you're not going to go off and tear someone's skin.

What happens if I don't 'PASS' ?
Rest assured that it's strictly confidential and will never be discussed with another student. Don't worry, we will discuss things then. Be positive!

Of course! You can say so on any of your literature or website. However, to do this you must display your certificates and you must follow my technique to the letter. You can only say that you are KIM LAWLESS TRAINED in the particular technique that I trained you in. So for example, if you trained with me in only Female Brazilians, you can't imply that you trained with me in Male Brazilians or any of my other courses.

Can I teach my friends and colleagues your technique?
No! I developed my own techniques and you are paying me to teach only you. You can't go off and train anyone else in my technique...............even if it's for free!

I'm a tutor, can I teach your technique on my courses?
No! You can't even hint that the technique that you are teaching them is the KIM LAWLESS method.

Can you help me if i have difficulty with the theory or any other part of the course?
Don't worry! Your theory is sent to you prior your training, so you can take as much time as you like to study it. The theory is very important and must be studied in depth. If you have any difficulties understanding or concerns whatsoever, just tell us before your training date. On the day of training it's all practical with no theory aside from me explaining things as you wax. You will be standing all day so if you have any concerns about that, just give me a shout. I'll help you all I can but you have to tell me.

Can I use stuff from your website?
No you can't I'm afraid! Besides anything else, clients must be sick of reading the same thing. With respect, I took the time and effort to write it all and it's so obviously my personality. Please be original and don't copy anything from my site at all.

How do I book a course?
Email us at as it's easier to attach course dates etc. Please have your card details to hand when you call. Payment is in full but if that's a problem then just say and we'll sort something out.

Can you provisionally hold a course place for me?
I'm afraid we no longer hold places without payment. Choose your date from the list that we send you and email us. Places are offered in the order that we receive the email so don't worry if you don't hear back straight away. We're on it!

Do you take deposits?
We prefer payment in full but if that's a problem for you just let us know and we'll sort something out for you.

Are your courses accredited?
Yes, all courses are accredited. In addition to that, Kim's training is held in high regard around the world and is recognised in it's own right.

Do you award a certificate?
Yes, once you've passed, your certificate is emailed to you in PDF format so that you can attach it to CV's, load it onto your website and email to your insurer etc.

Can I get insured?
Yes! Once you've passed, you can get insured with a company of your own choice as my courses are recognised in their own right by most insurance companies in the UK and around the world.

When do you send out receipts?
Your paper receipt is given to you on the day of your training. In the meantime, your bank statement and confirmation letter will also act as a receipt.

Kim Lawless Tribute Act - One of your students is now running training classes, will it be the same if I train with them?
It won't be the same at all. We can all hum a tune but we can't all be Shirley Bassey. My technique is legally protected and nobody is allowed to copy it or pass it off as their own, even if they change it slightly.

That's a bit mean, why not?
Quite simply it's how I make my living and I've worked very hard over the years to develop a technique that's different enough to have students coming from across the UK and abroad to learn it. It's also a technique that has taken many a therapist's business from zero to hero. If any of my students go on to be trainers that's fine with me but they cannot teach my technique in part or whole. Imagine this! You make a gorgeous cake and you share the recipe. The next thing you know someone is passing your recipe off as their own and taking all the credit.

How will you find out?
I don't have to as there's always someone that let's me know. My students are very loyal.

Ooh.............I'm scared now! Watcha gonna do?
I'm not going to do anything but my solicitor will. Mwuhahahaha!!!!