Are you burning your Wax?

burning rose

You might be interested to know that if you heat the same pot of wax on 'high' several times, you'll ruin the wax. 

Every time you heat the same pot of wax on 'high' (any brand), the quality of the wax will be affected. It’ll probably start to stick to the skin and leave hair and you’ll notice it go darker in colour. That’s because you’re burning the wax. 

If you wax full time, you'll fill the pots to the top of the heaters, melt once on high and drop it to the working temperature. Then that same pot will be filled to the top again and you'll melt on high and drop the working temperature. No problem, as you're only ever heating that pot of wax once on 'high'.

So, if you only do a small amount of waxing, just fill your pot to a quarter or half, and then melt it on a higher temperature, but not on high, then drop to your working temperature. Happy days.

Kim x

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