Kim Lawless 'The Wax Queen' is a small company with a huge personality, based in the UK.

The ethos of Kim Lawless Wax is focused on creating impeccably crafted wax products that enhance the professional's working life and the clients waxing experience. 

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I love Cockney Rebel hot wax! I specialise in intimate waxing and need wax that gets every hair, sets fast and stays supple so as not to snap. This wax does all that as well as looking and smelling amazing!  I’ve tried all the top brands of wax on the market and this is the best. Highly recommended! 

Jo Clougherty, Specialist Intimate Waxer and Owner at Pearls Beauty, Berkshire

I’ve been in the beauty industry now for over ten years and I have to say that Kim Lawless hot wax is the best I’ve ever used.  It’s consistency is amazing and it spreads with ease, it also sets quickly allowing faster waxing and clients are amazed at how pain free their waxing has become. An added bonus is that it smells fabulous. This wax can’t be faulted, it ticks every box.

Annmarie, Beauty Within, Glasgow

What can I say! The results are phenomenal ! Wonderful consistency and clients always comment on the fragrance.  It provides complete hair removal, is easy to remove and never leaves a residue on the skin. I have never been so confident in a salon product before, I know that this wax will deliver the results every time without fail! It has transformed my waxing results and more importantly I have incredibly happy, returning clients. 

Lara Evans Beauty Maidenhead, Berkshire

At last I have found a wax that's a joy to work with. The consistency is smooth and thin to apply, it dries quickly and rips hair out like a dream. It also has an amazing scent to it.  I am a waxing specialist and can honestly say it's the nicest wax I've ever worked with. 

Lyndsey Giddy: Waxing Specialist, barnstaple. Devon

 I can’t recommend Kim's  waxes highly enough, simply love them! They are of exceptional quality, they smell divine and are so easy to work with. They apply smoothly and easily and set quickly resulting in clean, fast and efficient waxing.    There's minimal discomfort to the client. My clients love Kim’s waxes and comment ‘that was the least painful wax Iv ever had’ and ‘can’t believe there is no redness and my skin doesn’t even look like it’s been waxed’ are a regular occurance.

‘True To You’ - Holmes Holistic Therapies, Chorley, Lancashire.

Company registration number: 06576872 - Registered in the UK

VAT registration number 284 3218 01