Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Kim Lawless wax?

Clients always comment that it's the least painful wax they’ve ever had. Kim’s waxes remove the hair without breaking it and makes your job easier.

Do I have to have trained with Kim to buy her wax?

No, not at all. No waxer should need special training on how to use any brand, that's just a gimmick used by some companies to make more money from you. We want everyone to use our wax as it's great for our business, and great for yours.

Can I advertise that I use Kim Lawless wax?

Yes, you can, and we’d be honoured if you did.  Shout it from the roof tops.  Thank you! 

Download our ‘We use Kim Lawless Wax’ or ‘We Use Cockney Rebel Wax’ logos for your website and socials.

Do you send out samples?

Afraid not.  Kim believes that you need to work with a wax for a whole day or two to know whether you like it or not, so those tiny little sample bags that aren’t even worth cleaning out your wax heater for, aren’t a true indication of how good a wax is.  Hopefully, you’ll think it’s worth buying a full size bag or tin of Kim’s wax and that you’ll fall in love with it too.

Does Kim still run waxing training?

Yes, and the good news is that it’s all online now, so you
don’t have to travel and stay in hotels or leave the family overnight.  Check it out

What are the benefits of Kim Lawless hot wax?

Cockney Rebel hot wax is silky smooth and sets immediately. It’s just a dream to work with and it gives a perfect wax every time. 
You’ll find that your clients won’t be covered in ingrown hairs, because it doesn’t snap and break the hair on removal. 

Curiosity Killed the Cat strip wax is applied super thin, so there’s less tug when removed, and you’ll get a lot more wax treatments out of a tin of our wax.

In fact, both our waxes are great value for money when you compare them to other good brands.  If that isn’t enough, they both smell divine! 

Is Kim’s wax off the shelf with just her label stuck on?

No way! Kim’s waxes were developed especially for her by her UK based wax manufacturers. Most waxes are made abroad. She was so fanatical about it being the best wax that she took two whole years before she’d sign it off as ready.

Why do you only have one hot wax and one strip wax?

There's no need. We love the colour and fragrances of our waxes and having loads of waxes is a gimmick.

We understand that people love different colour waxes, so it’s not totally off the cards that sometime in the future there may a limited edition in different colours and fragrances, but they will still be the same amazing waxes...just in a different colour.

Do you have a wax for vegans or sensitive skin?

Curiosity Killed the Cat strip wax is vegan.

Cockney Rebel hot wax isn’t. 

A vegan hot wax was made for Kim, but it didn’t get the hair out as well as Cockney Rebel and we’re in the business of hair removal, not half removal. 

Why don’t you have a wax for sensitive skin?

Kim has waxed thousands and thousands of men and women over the years and even prior to having her own waxes developed, she never had one client have a reaction and she never used waxes for sensitive skin.

Is Kim Lawless wax suitable for men and women?

Yes, they’re just as great on stronger hair and are particularly good on male and female intimate waxing.

We don’t see you advertising like the other brands, why’s that?

We don’t advertise because we believe in word of mouth.  Even without advertising, most of our customers were previously using very well-known, high end wax brands, and have switched to Kim Lawless wax and our customer base is growing every month.

Do I need a special wax heater?

No, use any brand of wax heater you like.