Brazilians: Waxing pregnant clients and waxing over caesarean scars

Pregnant lady

I just wanted to share my thoughts on these subjects, as I know by the amount of emails that I get that some of you are concerned. 


I wax pregnant clients right up to the day that they give birth. The only time that I would not wax a pregnant client is if they were under three months pregnant and they had previously had a miscarriage (unless they provided a docs letter). No real reason but best to be safe than sorry.

The only thing that you need to do when waxing a heavily pregnant client is to have their head raised slightly so they don't get dizzy and I always say at the start 'let me know if you feel uncomfortable and need to move' and I've never had one client that needed to. It goes without saying that you would help them on and off of the couch.

I've based this on conversations that I've had with doctors and midwives over the years but please always check your insurers guidelines, although from what I understand they may not have specific guidelines for waxing during pregnancy.


You may hear therapists saying that you have to wait six months for a scar to have healed but I checked with my own insurers quite recently and they don't have any guidelines on this at all so here's my take on it.

I'm amazed when I get clients wanting a Brazilian wax just four weeks after a Cesarean but that's their choice. As long as the scar has healed fully and they want me to wax it then that's fine. It will be red and possibly raised but it must be fully closed with no scabs or infections.

Wax the scar line on it's own first and only use hot wax. They may find it feels numb or painful but it can feel like that for many months. Like I long as it's fully healed and you wax with caution, supporting the skin all the time, then it will be fine. I tend to pull the wax off in smaller pieces along the scar which is more annoying for the client but it's so that I can keep a close eye on the scar underneath. Any doubt in your mind then don't do it.

As always, check with your own insurers.

Kim xxx

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