Crafty Insurance Companies

Insurance papers
I’ve received more and more emails over the year from students, telling me that when they’ve asked their insurance company if they’re covered to wax a client with a certain medical condition, or on certain meds, and that the insurance company tell them to ask their trainer. That’s called passing the buck.

I always help, whether I’ve trained you or not, but it’s got me thinking about the gall of these insurers. Most of them don’t know anything about waxing, and from what I’ve heard, they do little or nothing to support you when you’re being sued. It’s always the claimant that gets paid out, even if you’ve done nothing wrong and can prove it. Not to mention the nervous breakdown you had for the three years pending.

I remember when I was insured with one of the biggest names in beauty. I called to ask if I was covered to wax over a Caesarean Scar. They kept me hanging on the phone for 15 mins, then he came back and said, ‘We don’t have any rules for that… but, you can’t wax over a mole’. Really! Cheers for that.

So, it’s time to make a stand. Email them with your specific question, and if they come back with ‘Ask your trainer’, go back and say ‘No, they’re not my insurer, you are. I want to know if I’m covered for X. Please put it in writing, or I’ll be making a complaint to the Ombudsman’.

Think about it like this. If you called your car insurers and asked ‘Am I covered for X, they wouldn’t tell you to ask your driving instructor.

Kim xx
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