How much should I charge?

20 and 5 pound notes scattered

I’ve been asked again about this today, so here are my thoughts.

First off, charge by how good you are and not the length of time you’ve been waxing. If you’re a bad waxer but have been waxing for years, you’ve just been perfecting being bad.

Regardless of who trained you or which wax you use, you can’t just grab a price out of the air. If you want to charge top prices, you need to be at the top of your game compared to other waxers in your town. That’s why when you’re great at what you do, people will travel from far and wide to get to you.

Let’s take £50 as an average price in 2022 for a Brazilian/Hollywood. You’ll find countless salons in your town (often in the same road), that charge way less than that…usually in the £20’s or £30’s. It’s the same everywhere.

If you think you’re good enough to charge £50 or more, then do it. However, you’ve gotta be good! If you regularly leave hair behind, break the hair and it’s growing back within days, it’s too painful, your wax room is dirty, etc, then they won’t come back; they’ll just go to a cheaper salon and get the same results. By the way…there’s many a great waxer that are cheap… they just don’t know their worth yet.

How to know if you’re good at what you do. Quite simply, you’ll always be booked up. If you’re not, it’s because you not good. Harsh, but true. That’s nothing that can’t be changed though, so don’t stress. You can’t blag being a good waxer, so make yourself be good.

Personality is a huge factor in how successful you are. You can be the best waxer in the world, but if you’ve got no conversation or personality, they’ll just go to the waxer that might not be as good as you, but they make them feel valued, they’ll have a two way convo, a good laugh, and most importantly, they know that the wax room is like a confessional box…what’s said in the wax room, stays in the wax room.

Where you work means nothing. You wouldn’t even know the names of some of the best and busiest waxers out there. They just keep their head down and graft, just busy making themselves rich. All of the social media posts, the advertising, the neon lights, the cake and glass of fiz, mean nothing beyond Instagram. You can work from a camper van and they’ll hunt you down. Now there’s an idea!

If you feel you’re good enough and want to up your prices dramatically, do this…keep your current clients at their regular price, but charge new clients the new price. Remember, they won’t know what you charge your current clients.

Be bold and be brilliant.

Kim xx

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