Go away

Do you ever get a text/email from a new client that’s so pig ignorant, that you have to bite your tongue? That’s something I find really difficult to do, as you know.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, as I don’t do passive aggressive......I do aggressive aggressive:). But seriously, some people need to learn some manners.

Have you got an appointment?

No good morning, kiss me arse or nothing. It takes all my restraint not to reply ‘Oh, and a good morning to you, whatever your name is!!!! Any particular body part or date in mind?’

And then there are the emails asking for a copy of their certificate as they lost their original. I always respond within hours, and never charge, but not a response or thank you.

Oh! And what about the ones that write asking my advice on waxing problems as they’ve had a client complaint. Many of them I’ve never even trained, but I really don’t mind that at all, as I hate to think that anyone is stressing. So, I sit there late at night bashing out a very detailed email, giving advice, and some don’t even acknowledge it. On a couple of occasions, I’ve sent a sarcastic ‘did you get my email?’ and some will send a genuine ‘sorry, I forgot’, but others won’t bother.

I have to stress that most are lovely and polite, but like many things, it’s the occasional negative one we remember.

Kim x

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