Sweaty skin?

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Sweaty skin: For those of you that haven’t been waxing for long, remember to dry the skin thoroughly before applying hot or strip wax. That includes drying the cleanser. I like my client’s skin to be totally dry.

Why? If the skin is damp, hot wax won’t adhere as well, and it won’t remove the hair as well. Strip wax will tug at the skin, and you may see a tiny amount of skin lifting (not good), or worse still, you can cause red marks and bruising.

Once you’ve cleansed the skin you can apply a light dusting of talc. If you prefer not to use talc, put a tissue or piece a couch roll by your client, so that you can dry with one hand and apply the wax immediately with the other. That’s how quick you have to be on a very hot day.

If you like to use oil under your wax, apply a tiny amount, then wipe it off, so that it’s only the residue that’s left.

Keep cool. xx

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