SYMPTOMS of NoShowItis


New client books an appointment but doesn’t turn up (no show). They then ignore your calls/texts. 

Some may want to book again in the future, so they cancel on the day, but so close to their appointment that you don’t have time to fill it. 

They never offer to pay. 

Common excuses: 

Using Covid as an excuse has been a gift to ‘no shows’. For example… 

Client: I’ve lost my sense of taste.  

Therapist thinks: You lost that ages ago love, I’ve seen your BF on your Whatsapp pic. 

Client: I’ve been called into work last minute:

Therapist thinks: Perleeze girl! You haven’t been into the office since March 2020. You don’t get showered until Pointless comes on! 

Client: My little boy has fallen down the stairs:  

Therapist thinks: You need to get a stair gate as this has happened three times this year already. What’s is he… a stunt man! 


Generally, it starts with nothing more than a gut feeling that the therapist gets when they book them in. Some of them even have a ‘no show’ kind of name.

As the day approaches, the therapist will get a feeling of dread when they see their name in the diary, because experience tells them that they’re not going to show.


  • Bad manners.  
  • These are often the clients that text/call late in the evening and on a Sunday to book in (red flag). 
  • Delusions of grandeur.  
  • Arrogance.  
  • Not giving a damn that you could have given their slot to someone genuine. 
  • Not even caring that the salon/therapist haven’t earned a penny for over a year whilst they’ve been on furlough. 
  • They believe the world revolves around them. 


Book them in again when they beg you to, because they ‘have a hot date’ or a ‘last minute weekend away’. Then YOU no show on THEM, or cancel at the last minute. 

Let them walk around with their pubes growing down to their knees. 

Highlight their name and number in your system and NEVER book them in again.

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