About kim

How it all started...

Kim Lawless waxing was set up by me, Kim Lawless (who would have guessed) after I had the most traumatic waxing experience many years ago. So, I started to develop my own techniques for male and female Brazilian waxing. After all, it shouldn’t be that painful right?

Running my business from grotty rooms above hair salons and converted garages, (all of them freezing cold with an outside loo), I realised was that clients don’t care where you work from, as long they get a brilliant wax...they did.  

Word spread, and other therapists started asking me to show them my technique, and before I had chance to take a breath, I was running my own training studio and being interviewed for magazines and appearing on TV. Today, I’m busier than ever, with students travelling from all over the U.K. and abroad to be trained by me. I’ve even had students come from Brazil to learn my way of waxing (talk about coals to Newcastle).

I’ve always used high end products, even back in the day when they really stretched me financially, but I knew that a good technique needed a good wax...the two go hand in hand. Clients generally neither know nor care which wax we use, they just know if it hurts less. I was happy to pay for those results as it brought me more clients.

However, a few years ago, I started to get bored and disillusioned with the different high end brands that I’d been using. I even tried some cheap brands, just in case it’s true when they say ‘wax is wax’. By the way, it isn’t! You really do get what you pay for in life.

I just wanted a wax that removed the hair, that didn’t leave my clients feeling sore and that set quickly. Not too much to ask surely! I just couldn’t find one that did what I wanted it to do, so I thought ‘sod it’, I’ll make my own. Now before you get carried away with images of me in a beekeepers outfit or at the kitchen table surrounded by pots and pans, think again because I’m not that clever. So I enlisted the help of an amazing U.K. wax developer. It’s been two long years in the making, and between us, we’ve come up with a wax that ticks all the boxes for me, and my clients. I hope that you love it too.

Here I am today, approaching sixty and life is great. I have my lovely clients, my wonderful students and now my own wax. Not bad for an old chick from an East End council estate.

I hope my story inspires you, because I love what I do with a passion, and I want that for you too.