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Kim Lawless 'The Wax Queen'

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT The Mother Of All Strip Waxes

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CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT strip wax has been designed with professional waxers in mind. It applies thinner, so you get more waxes out of every can, and it removes the shortest and toughest of hairs with ease.  

  • Hypnotic notes of Angelica & Tuberose
  • Super thin shimmery consistency
  • Removes the hair first time
  • No after sting


Depilatory Wax Ingredients: Polycyclopentadiene, Parafinnium, Liquidum, Cera Micrccristallina, MICA, CI 77891, Ci 15985, Parfum, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limone, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate

How to Heat Curiosity Killed The Cat

Remove the plastic lid and foil cover from your can, and place the can directly into the heater. You may find that it will fit into the inner bucket itself, but if not, remove the bucket and place the can inside the heater.

Turn the heat to ‘high’ for about 15mins, and then drop the temperature to anywhere between 66 to 70 on a digital heater, or half way on an analogue/dial heater, (depending on the temperature in your room).

All heaters and room temperatures are different, so always get to know your wax before letting loose on your clients. You should be able to tell at a glance that it’s at the correct temperature to ensure safe and effective hair removal.

Applying Curiosity Killed The Cat

Cleanse the skin and dry it off. You don’t need to add anything to the skin before you apply this wax, but the choice is yours.

Take the required amount of wax on your spatula and apply in the direction of hair growth. Place a strip over the wax, support the skin so it’s taut and rub the strip firmly just once or twice, and then remove quickly in the opposite direction, making sure that your strip is parallel to the skin.

Once you’ve checked all over, apply oil to the skin and remove with either a tissue, couch roll, or a clean wax strip to remove any stickiness and excess oil.

Tip! Apply the wax with your spatula on its edge like a knife, so that you get a nice thin covering.